Using This Website


You can enter the author’s name, or a word from a title or from somewhere in a poem, and click Search.


If you would like to browse through the anthology, look at the Anthology Table of Contents (right side of screen).  Chose one of the chapter headings; click on it.  The poems in that chapter will appear on the left; you can read and page through them.  As the editor says in the Introduction, she did not intend to suggest a limit to any poem’s meaning by placing it in a chapter – often a poem could have appeared in any of several chapters, and enriched the context for the other poems in all of them.


If you are paging through the anthology, click on the Title of the poem.  At the end of the poem you will see a link to the poet’s biography.

Clicking ‘Authors’ displays an alphabetical list.  Click on an author’s name, and the biography and the poem(s) are displayed.  The page number at the end of the biography is the page in the printed Anthology.

Clicking ‘More poets’ works the same as clicking ‘Authors’ (but there is no page number).


Please use the Comments tab to send comments on the poetry for other visitors to see.


Please send queries specifically for the editors via email to