Poems written after the age of 70 selected from 330 submissions totaling 1100 poems. Published jointly by McMaster Centre for Gerontological Studies and Tower Poetry Society, the anthology showcases poems by 200 poets ranging in age from 70 to 103 years of age. Other eligible poets are featured with a poem on the website.


Ellen B. Ryan, Series Editor

The Series highlights the many ways in which writing life stories can benefit older adults and those with whom they share their stories and poems.

Poetry Series

1. It Ain’t Over Yet:

Autobiographical Selections from the Writer’s Cramp Group of Dundas, Ontario, Katie Allen, editor

2. From Me to You:

Intergenerational Connections Through Storytelling, Ellen B. Ryan, Gail M. Elliot, & Sheree D. Meredith, editors

3.  Exchanges Between Us:

More Intergenerational Connections, Ellen B. Ryan, Gail M. Elliot, & Ann P. Anas, editors

4. The Stone Angel Speaks:

Listening to Older Women’s Voices, Ellen S. Jaffe & Ellen B. Ryan

5. The Berries are Sweeter Here:

Older Women Writing Together, Paula Papky, editor

6. You Grow Out of Winter:

Poetry in Long Term Care, Chris Hagens, Andrea Cosentino, & Ellen B.Ryan

7. Passing on the Blessing:

Stories, Tips and Tools of a Family Caregiver, Kathleen M. Banchoff

8. Looking Through My Grandmother’s Lace Curtains:

Writing to Reclaim Identity in Dementia, Ellen B. Ryan, Karen A. Bannister, & Ann P. Anas

9. This Little Light of Mine:

Stories and Poetry from Family Caregivers, Kathleen M. Banchoff, editor

10. Celebrating Poets Over 70:

Marianne Forsyth Vespry & Ellen B. Ryan, editors